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"In 2009, when we looked at the digital landscape, we saw a hugely broken system. Advertisers were pouring millions of dollars into campaigns with no guarantee their ads would appear where they should or that a potential customer would ever see them. Yet the biggest problem with ad fraud was how little was being done to combat it.

We saw the need for a different type of technology, one that would protect advertising spend from fraud, ensure brands never appear on damaging websites and guarantee that brand stories are always heard. And we knew it would take a different kind of company to build it. 

That’s why we founded adloox."

Romain Bellion, Co-Founder & CEO, adloox

Since 2009, Adloox has been developing state-of-the-art proprietary technology to ensure all their clients including advertisers, agencies and other buy-side technologies are protected from the most sophisticated types of ad fraud, whilst ensuring ads are viewable, impactful and delivered in a brand safe environment.

By offering unrivalled transparent and granular data, Adloox empowers and enables its clients to optimise their spend efficiency and maximise the value of their digital media investments.  

With service at the centre of its culture, clients should consider Adloox an extension of their existing team, contributing to the overall strategic objectives of the business. 

Adloox covers all markets globally with offices in Paris, London and New York.


Romain Bellion

Romain Bellion

Co-founder and CEO

Romain is the brainchild behind the Adloox technology and is one of our co-founders. 

Romain started his digital career as a Product Manager for Yoorz Digital, but was also a professional Rugby player for Paris Université Club for 5 years. 

Romain gained valuable experience of sell side monetization during his time at Hi Media, one of Europe's premium ad networks. 
Romain is still passionate about sport and is a devoted father of three and family man. 

Chris Penfold

Chris Penfold

General Manager

Chris Penfold is the General Manager of Adloox UK and heads up the commercial and client side of the business.

Based in London, he brings with him more than 15 years of leadership experience in the media and technology industry. Most recently Chris successfully established Beeswax in Europe, where he built a team and revenue from scratch, in a very competitive area. He also spent 8 years at Criteo where he grew the business in Europe, US and APAC.

A family man, Chris is also a keen sports fan.

Bruno Galeppe

Bruno Galeppe

Co-founder and CTO

Bruno is our CTO, leading the development of Adloox solutions and ensuring the continual high performance of our platform. 

He has exercised his digital talent in the field of mobile telephony and public transport, where he specialised in the management of very large databases, and the application of open-source solutions in the corporate world. 

Bruno is graduated in IT and electronics from Université Paris-Est Créteil.

Our Technology

The Adloox technology stack has been fully developed in house over the last decade by our team of engineers and developers. This proprietary ownership has enabled us to adapt and innovate all three pillars of ad verification through a single tech and data-driven platform. It also ensures that we can continue to evolve, whilst providing consistent levels of frontline verification performance and user experience. 

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Office locations

New York

New York

25 West 39th street, Floor 14th
New York, NY 10018



40 rue du Louvre
75001 Paris

+33(1) 73 06 25 54


LABS House,
15-19 Bloomsbury Way
London, WC1A 2TH

+44 20 3514 8085


Event 08/22/2018

Adloox will be at DMEXCO!

DMEXCO 2018 is less than a month away and Adloox are delighted to be returning and exhibiting, after a break in 2017. [...]

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