In order for your digital campaigns to make any impact, your ads need to be seen. Yet nearly half of all ads are not viewable. This means millions of dollars in wasted ad spend for media buyers and decreases the value of publisher inventory.
Viewability is only half the story

Not removing bot fraud as part of viewability measurement causes discrepancies and incorrect figures in the marketplace. When in-view impressions are mixed with non-human impressions, it is impossible for advertisers to get a true representation of their viewability and for publishers to identify problems that may put their reputations at risk.

That’s why our MRC-accredited viewability technology automatically excludes fraudulent impressions so viewability figures are clean from fraud.

What we measure
Percentage of ads above the fold
Percentage of ads in view
Exposure time
Percentage of ads in view for more than 10s
High quality environment for every impression
Better monetise your inventory and optimise in real-time
Identify the highest potential for ROI when purchasing media
Objectively assess all suppliers based on viewability performance
Cross device and platform integrations
Our technology is available across every digital advertising channel:
Mobile web
Mobile in-app
Adloox is integrated with all major platforms, so getting started with us couldn't be easier.
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