Your full suite verification platform

Adloox is accredited by the MRC for:
· Viewable Display Ad Impressions (Desktop)
· Display Served Ad Impressions (Desktop & Mobile Web)
· Sophisticated Invalid Traffic Detection and Filtration (Desktop & Mobile Web)

Adloox’s fraud prevention technology is engineered to stop fraud at the source. Many verification providers use outdated detection methods that only monitor the surface.

Skilled fraudsters can readily bypass these technologies by spoofing domains or injecting harmful malwares.

Adloox offers industry-leading fraud prevention capabilities and is the only vendor in the market which eliminates fraud at the subdomain and user level.

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Our brand safety solution gives you complete control over where your ads are running.

We keep a real-time view on your campaign ensuring every page is scanned for pre-determined categories and critical keywords.

We know exactly what content will surround your advertising so you never have to worry about a misplaced ad again.

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Our MRC-accredited viewability technology gives media buyers, ad networks and sellers a complete view of performance to improve the effectiveness of their advertising inventory and campaigns.

Not removing bot fraud as part of viewability measurement causes discrepancies in the marketplace.

That’s why Adloox automatically excludes fraudulent impressions, leaving viewability figures clean from fraud.

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Pre-Bid verification

Our pre-bid solution ensures that you advertising is never compromised. Using our premium firewall, we preemptively block your ads before they are served, so you never have to worry about a misplaced ad again. Our fully customisable solution ensures that we block against any environments that do not meet your standards. That means you only pay for the inventory you want. Access to blocking data is available in real-time via our Adloox UI and weekly reporting updates, so you never miss a thing.