Adloox becomes first Euro-tech to gain MRC Fraud Accreditation

February 17, 2017
Adloox, the European auditing firm providing deeper verification for Brands, Agencies and Suppliers, today announced it is the first company this year to be accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC) for the more advanced Fraud detection aka Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT desktop).

In addition to the Ad Fraud accreditation, Adloox was also granted the renewal by MRC for its Viewability measurement for display, and its ability to measure GIVT (general invalid traffic). The accreditations further demonstrate Adloox as a leader in media quality measurement and optimization for Advertisers, and Buy and Sell side partners.

“It’s not that easy, which is why so few verification vendors have achieved it,”says Marco Ricci, CEO of Adloox. “We’re extremely proud to be the first (and only) European Business to be certified for our ability in Fraud detection, both in general (GIVT) and the much more advanced SIVT desktop accreditations. We believe the industry deserves a lot more transparency, and better performing tools than the market is used to right now. With all the deeply negative press, and stories of Brands pulling their digital budget through lack of trust with their media buyers, our aim is to bring some quality measurement back into Programmatic and prove how a smarter, more user-centric approach to verification, can help both buyers and sellers increase their digital performance, rather than hinder it.”

"We congratulate Adloox for meeting the extremely rigorous requirements necessary to achieve their initial accreditation for desktop display SIVT Detection and Filtration," said George Ivie, Executive Director and CEO of MRC.  "Adloox's MRC accreditation for desktop display SIVT alongside their prior viewable impression accreditation, is recognition of Adloox's leadership in ensuring a high quality environment for both buy & sell side digital advertising."