Geniee, Inc. is an advertising specialist company. Their “Geniee SSP” is a global advertising distribution platform involved in the generation of advertising revenue and optimisation of advertising operations management. Together with “Geniee DMP”, it develops planning services that increase media revenue and support new advertising product architectures. It is the largest SSP in Japan, owning 60 billion impressions and working with over 1,000 publishers across APAC. Geniee International Pte. Ltd. was established in 2012, and has since provided the support needed to maximise revenue for about 2,500 companies in Southeast Asia through subsidiaries and joint ventures based in Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia.

The Problem

Ad Fraud in the APAC region is drastically on the rise. According to the 2015 Apsular Fraud Index, six countries from Asia made the list of top 10 countries with the highest rate of click fraud. The region’s industry still tends to have a primary focus on clicks as metrics, which is exacerbating the ad fraud problem. Geniee is one of the first and only SSP’s in APAC committed to establishing a transparent long-term relationship with their clients by ensuring premium traffic quality. Unlike competitors who only focus on revenue, Geniee's priority is focused on safeguarding the financial and reputational value of their clients. 

Compared to the Japanese market, Geniee were encountering a high level of fraud including non-human traffic (NHT), adware and invalid clicks as well as copyright violation, fake domains and non-brand safe content in South East Asia. In order to combat this, they were using an outdated combination of manual checks by the Quality Assurance Team and the data from Google Analytics to determine if a site was brand safe and the traffic fraudulent. However, with the level of ad fraud becoming increasingly sophisticated and scalable, it proved impossible to apply these methods across the entirety of their traffic.

The solution

Ensuring a safe and transparent advertising environment for its partners was of paramount importance to Geniee. Geniee were looking for a third-party vendor who could offer them the highest degree of accuracy and who could guarantee their traffic was fraud-free and content was brand-safe. 

After testing various vendors, Geniee concluded that Adloox was the only technology capable of detecting the most sophisticated levels of NHT. Adloox were able to see the deeper levels of fraud that remain hidden to other verification providers, ensuring more accurate data and results.


Many publishers unknowingly fall victim to fraudulent traffic due to third party traffic acquisition partners who exploit fraudulent traffic in order to increase performance. Unlike other verification providers that block the entire publisher if there are indicators of fraud, adloox found the source of the fraud, isolated it and blocked it. 

With adloox, Geniee were able to consult 9 different publishers, block suspicious IPs and save a considerable amount in lost revenue.

Geniee suspended 57 publishers in breach of brand safety regulations.

Within two weeks of running with adloox, the levels of NHT decreased by 40%.

Geniee have demonstrated their commitment to transparency and honesty with their clients by becoming the only supplier in the APAC region to implement a third-party verification tool to ensure fraud-free, premium traffic.


Based on adloox insights, we were able to determine that 90% of all of Geniee’s fraudulent impressions came from botnets and adware.

After testing different vendors, it became apparent that adloox was by far the most sophisticated fraud detection technology on the market today. They are a very proactive team who are always reaching out with ideas on how to deliver value to our business. 

With adloox, we are able to understand the performance of each of our publishers and deliver real customer success. The amount of time we have saved by removing the need to manually check for suspicious traffic and non-brand safe content has allowed us to focus on maximising performance and ROI.

We are decidedly impressed with the results so far and are confident that our continued work with adloox will provide a huge opportunity to drive further value for us and our clients

Nguyen Tat Huy
Business Development Manager, Geniee International Pte. Ltd.